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Optimising Process

Exelblue is about making business processes simple, easy and productive, using software where necessary. We design, develop and deliver solutions that solve specific organisations’ problems and enhance business performance and business intelligence via accuracy and visibility of information. 

Microsoft Dynamic 365

Solutions for businesses looking for all-in-one business management or solutions broken down into individual business processes.

More than CRM and ERP

Our solutions are designed to optimise your businesses processes. Whether it's Sales, Marketing, Services or Finance, we have a solution to improve team collaboration and business productivity. 

We've broken down some of our  Sales focussed Dynamics 365 solutions into bite size chunks. Have a look at the video series here:

A sales process which is easy to follow is essential to allow an increase in the sales needed for sustained business growth. It needs to be easy to use to ensure adoption by employees.   

After a meeting, tradeshow or networking event, Sales People often get caught up in the time consuming task of manually capturing business cards before they can follow up with their prospect, delaying the lead generation process.

Engage with customers with events. Easily setup and market your event and track all registration and delegate information.

Generating interest is only the first step in demand generation.  Gathering the key information at the right time is essential, as is following up. 

Quicker and easy to use than Word or Excel, using Custom and Standard content, guiding sales people through complete and correct product configurations.  

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