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7 Ways to Ensure Your CRM is a Perfect Fit

Are you making the great step forward and looking at getting a CRM for your company? This is a particularly wise choice for a lot of companies and if you are at that stage, well done! Before you dive in and choose the first one you see it is wise to take the time to do the research and make sure your new piece of software is going to be the best decision for you and your company. Failure to research could result in you buying into something that’s money draining, time wasting and ineffective for your needs. We have narrowed it down to 7 things you should look for when selecting the perfect CRM for your business.

You get what you pay for?

Depending on how many CRM applications you have already looked at, you have probably come across a range of them with vastly different price points. Some can cost you $15 a month while others can cost you $15,000 per month. While that seems insane and even a little bit criminal, there’s usually a good reason these prices fluctuate and that’s integration capability, support and product inclusions. Have a look and compare the difference to make sure what you are paying is actually a necessity to your business.

Be clear on what CRM will solve?

If you are a small, 3 person company selling 'How to Guides' in your industry, you probably don’t need a world class inventory and tracking system. Ask yourself what tools are going to make your life easier, your workload lighter and your stress lessen. Then look for tools that are going to give you the desired effect. Don’t go for the biggest and best if you are going to use 3 of its 300 features. Your CRM should grow with you so look for one that can start you where you need to be and take you where you want to go.

Will your CRM be mobile?

Unless you are the anomaly who legitimately operates from one computer and that is it, you are going to need a CRM that supports mobile application so you can access it on the go. If you are looking for a CRM that has CPQ built into it, it makes sense to have that function available to you out of the office. Make sure that the tools and the functions you need away from your desk are accessible either by web version or even native app.

Will it work the way you do?

One of the great things about CRM is the ability to automate customer communications. Beware though of the CRM that doesn’t have its own inbuilt emailing or social media platform. If it doesn’t include these, make sure it has integrations with products and tools that can do this for you, ie, ClickDimensions. There is nothing worse than getting through the installation and setup and then finding out that”, oh shit, you can’t email your customers this way”. Don’t get caught out.

Can your CRM grow with you?

No product should ever be a one size fits all because there is no way all businesses run the same way. Look for a product that can grow with you. If you are a 3 person team but your goal in 5 years is to be a 30 person team, you don’t necessary need the functions to cater for all those people just yet, but one day you will. Look for a CRM that lets you start small and can expand with you. Your CRM should be an extension of your business strategy so it makes sense that your strategy adapts as your business grows so make sure the CRM you choose does just that otherwise you might look to expand and find your CRM cannot handle it.

Plan to tailor CRM to work for you

The point of a CRM is to make your life easier, not harder. The CRM you choose should therefore simplify some of your processes or at least make them a little more efficient. There is no point deploying a system that still requires you to manually input every little detail and make the connections yourself. Make sure the CRM you go for isn’t causing your workload to increase rather than decrease. Look for tools that automate your lead management e.g collects leads from your website landing pages or subscribe page.

Can you try before you buy?

This is a crucial element in the CRM hunt. Trial periods. CRM’s a very important decision to make as they are a financial & strategic commitment. You want to make sure you choose the right one. Avoid any CRM that doesn’t let you test it's features first. Make sure your selected CRM will allow you to work the way you want to. By testing the system you get a chance to actually see if this is what you need and make sure you have found your perfect fit before you commit.

Want to know more about tailoring a CRM to your needs? Get in touch with me today either by email or connect via LinkedIn.

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